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Empowerment fuels the journey.

For each client, we design a unique blueprint that harmonizes operational efficiencies, training needs, and Marketing Technology (MarTech) optimization.

We are eager to connect to learn how Labrador can help your SMB achieve its greatest potential!

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We are eager to connect to learn how Labrador can help your SMB achieve its greatest potential!

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What we do...

Navigating a Complex Landscape

Preventing Problems

Most focus on solving MarTech issues. True success lies in prevention, aligning people, processes, and platforms to sidestep pitfalls as businesses evolve and expand.

That's where we come in...

Budgeting & Investment

42% of SMBs claim they are overpaying for Martech.

SMBs often dive into Martech without thorough or effective evaluation, resulting in over-expenditures, duplicative tools, and reduced return on investment.


59% MarTech Underutilization Exposes Gaps in Effective Implementation

A rift exists between vendor demos and real-world setups, neglecting required resources, future scalability, and real-time insights.

Tool Overload

61% of SMBs will likely add new Martech tech than optimize existing.

60% of SMBs report feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of tools, possibly due to smaller team sizes and the vast landscape of Martech.


94% of employees want training... few get it.

Despite an overwhelming desire to receive it, only 28% of SMBs provide adequate training, limited by costs and time, hindering team member productivity.


27% of SMBs say their MarTech is easily scalable.

Improper onboarding and optimization create compounding issues for SMBs. Over time, scaling becomes costly or near impossible atop these unoptimized systems.

Welcome to Labrador.

At Labrador, we recognize the journey to technological empowerment is filled with misconceptions and untapped potential. It's not about accumulating more tools; it's about maximizing what you already have. We empathize, strategize, and tailor solutions for your unique business needs, focusing on what's best for you, not just market trends...

Thank you for considering Labrador as your ally in this transformative journey.

With a commitment to your success,

Founder, Labrador

Welcome to Labrador.

Your Blueprint for Martech Mastery

I wake up every day with an unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their greatest potential. Throughout two decades in marketing and technology, persistent challenges have emerged, deeply rooted in human behavior. This is especially on display within the walls of Small-to-Medium (SMB) sized businesses, who struggle to effectively manage, execute, and optimize CRM and Martech efforts are apparent. From my perspective, these struggles primarily stem from two core issues:
  • Misalignment Between People, Process, and Platforms: The addition of new tools into an SMB’s operational mix often leads to confusion and inefficiencies, as these businesses may not fully understand how to utilize or benefit from these technologies.
  • Inadequate Professional Expertise: In attempts to solve problems and improve efficiencies, SMBs sometimes assign tasks to professionals who may not be fully equipped to vet, configure, or optimize solutions, leading to further complications.
The root cause of these issues is brilliantly captured in The Other Side of Innovation and Harvard Business Review’s Innovation Is Not Creativity. These resources highlight a common pitfall: while companies are adept at generating ideas, they falter in the execution phase. This disparity is particularly pronounced in the Martech realm, where the true challenge lies not in the ideation of marketing strategies but in their practical, effective implementation.

This understanding forms the foundation of my core philosophy at Labrador: a people-first approach, focusing on preventing problems rather than merely solving them. Our unique methodology doesn’t just assess Martech stacks; we delve into aligning and optimizing the interaction between people, processes, and platforms. This approach empowers SMBs to realize more coherent and effective marketing strategies, ultimately leading to improved performance and higher ROI on their Martech investments.

At Labrador, our people-first philosophy prioritizes preempting problems rather than simply solving them, focusing on the harmony between people, processes, and platforms. This unique approach empowers SMBs with effective marketing strategies, leading to a higher ROI from their Martech investments. Our impartiality is key; we forge no alliances with technology vendors and refrain from direct development work. Instead, we create bespoke roadmaps aligned with each client’s executive vision, maintaining absolute objectivity to ensure our sole focus is on client success.

Thank you for considering Labrador as your ally in this transformative journey.

With a commitment to your success,

Brian Riback Founder, Labrador

Why Choose us

Connecting people is our business.

Discover a partnership that extends beyond technology to the heart of your operations. We ensure that every platform and process is not just effective, but also resonates with and empowers the people driving your business.

Streamlined Strategy

Navigate Martech complexity with ease. Labrador aligns your team and tech, transforming challenges into opportunities for seamless business growth.

Optimized Utilization

Bridge the gap between potential and performance. We turn Martech underutilization into a powerhouse of efficiency and insightful action.

Investment Intelligence

Cut through the clutter of costs. We refine your Martech investments, ensuring a strategic ROI that accelerates your business without excess.

Focused Empowerment

Unlock your team's full potential. Labrador's targeted training transcends constraints, fueling productivity with smart, scalable learning solutions.

Our Process

A Strategic Pathway to Martech Mastery

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Following our assessment, we support you in choosing the best course of action—whether you proceed independently with our comprehensive blueprint, collaborate with our trusted strategic partners, or opt for a hybrid approach to fulfill your unique business needs.

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You don't need to waste your time and money anymore.

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Step 1:

Discover & Align

Our journey begins with in-depth discussions to understand your current MarTech framework and business goals, ensuring alignment for strategic advancement.

Step 2:

Examine & Recommend

We conduct a meticulous analysis to pinpoint the efficiency of your MarTech stack, crafting bespoke recommendations for enhanced marketing efficacy.

Step 3:

Blueprint & Deliver

Labrador provides a detailed blueprint, outlining strategic initiatives and actionable insights to streamline and elevate your MarTech capabilities.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself...

We recognize the challenges you face.

And Labrador is dedicated to addressing those silent questions, offering insights and solutions that ensure your marketing efforts are as streamlined and impactful as your vision.

Labrador’s assessment pinpoints the gaps and redundancies in your current toolset, focusing on maximizing usage and ROI, not just accumulating new tools.

Demos often showcase ideal scenarios; Labrador helps bridge the gap between potential and practical use, aligning your tool’s capabilities with your team's actual needs.

It’s not about the quantity of tools but their strategic integration. Labrador assesses to streamline your process, ensuring new tools complement rather than complicate.

Labrador can evaluate your customer journey and suggest where AI could enhance it, ensuring technology adoption is strategic and not just for the sake of innovation.

Labrador ensures that your marketing strategy is not tool-driven but goal-oriented, empowering your team to use technology as a means to an end, not the end itself.