75% of marketers stated projects are often behind or end up over budget because of technology challenges and communications bottlenecks

Brands are at a disadvantage

by missing out on opportunities to act on leads quickly, create more rich and relevant experiences, and stimulate collaboration between marketing, sales 1 and customer success.

The Reason

It is clear that the core reason for this is the number of disparate Martech systems being used where hindrances are caused by data that isn’t connected between systems, limiting a company’s ability to effectively leverage many benefits, such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral-based, dynamic content, detailed analysis (business intelligence), and more.

The Result

Marketing departments and agencies dig themselves into a deeper hole with every new tool they integrate. The passing of time and the increase in technologies adopted, only leads to more complications, more disparate data, and more technology that is under-utilized and ultimately, abandoned.

There are so many solutions out there. Managing it all requires a substantial time investment. I want a partner who can lay out a roadmap for me. We have 57 vendors just in marketing technology.”

– Jenn McMillen
(former) Vice President, Marketing & CRM
Michaels Stores


Value Proposition

A significant focus will be placed on offering recommendations that end up with cost savings (or a net zero cost) compared to existing Martech spend while making improvements to Martech capabilities and efficiencies.

Labrador will consolidate and replace the tools in the marketer’s stack, reducing cost and complexity while improving efficiency and data value.

Martech Audit

What tools are in place? Which function does each tool satisfy and are there any gaps or overlap in functionality? What do all these tools cost? What value does each tool bring?

Answering these questions is an important process for businesses to go through in order to ensure that they are maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. But most companies do not have the expertise or ability to answer these questions internally in a thorough and unbiased way.

Labrador will conduct a full Martech Audit which will include detailed and unbiased analysis of:

  • Determining the health of existing marketing databases, which informs personalized messaging, Machine Learning and AI capabilities
  • Existing marketing efforts compare to your competitors
  • Omnichannel (e.g. Email marketing, SEO, Social Media)
  • Gaps and overlap of tools and knowledge

The Report

You will be delivered a full audit report of existing systems, including costs, overlaps, and efficiencies. In addition, recommendations will be provided for next steps along with actionable plans for these next steps. These recommendations and actionable plans will be able to be undertaken by the client’s internal technology/marketing teams or can be handled by Labrador or one of our partners or a hybrid of all three.

  • Documentation needs of required technological improvements will streamline processes, save on bottom-line expenses, while driving top-line revenue potential
  • Evaluate each technology/tool, documenting if it should be removed, modified or extended
  • Assess new tools/technology should be brought in to extend the capabilities of tool and marketing or replace an existing tool
  • Identify any personal changes/additions required to most efficiently and effectively facilitate marketing efforts

Great campaigns result from collaboration, and technology should help support that collaboration. By bringing individual brand processes together and moving to a common platform, we gain efficiencies while encouraging deeper levels of creativity across the organization.

- Mary Beth Parks
Senior Vice President
Hilton Worldwide


Labrador empowers its users to have agility where they otherwise struggle to have it, improving efficiencies. This is achieved by focusing on the reduction of friction between users and departments, wasted time, while improving control over asset versioning, data and asset centralization, approval processes, training, and more.

Increase Efficiencies And
Improve Productivity

Overall Costs

Build And Maintain
a Healthy Database


Brian Riback, CSM

Brian Riback, CSM - CEO/CMT

20+ Years of Experience Bringing Innovative Solutions To Market, including multi-million dollar SaaS platforms

Jason Cherubini

Jason Cherubini - CFO

17+ Years of Experience Aiding Companies, Raise Financing, Establish Start-up Operations, And Managing of Administration

Leah C. N. Laszlo

Leah C. N. Laszlo - CXO

10+ Years of Leading Creation of Excellent Experiences for Digital-Based Products and Services, 20+ Years of Experience in Creative Design & Direction

Zak Elmeghni

Zak Elmeghni - Chief Developer

13 Years of experience building complex SaaS software. Owner of Next Idea Tech, Inc, a custom development agency specializing in building data-rich software


Each client's needs are distinct to them. We truly look forward to bringing advocacy and objectivity to help address your Martech needs.